Services Overview

Integral’s services are designed to benefit a client looking for a long-standing relationship.  Several clients come to our firm focused on portfolio return.  We recognize that portfolio performance is a key factor in financial success; however, there are equally critical decisions that must be made regarding tax efficiency, asset allocation, risk tolerance, dynamic withdrawal strategies for retirement, liability management and several other factors that have a significant impact on your success.  We provide value-added advice resulting in intelligent planning decisions.

Our client relationships begin with the completion of an Initial Financial Plan.  Next, the client may elect to receive Comprehensive Wealth Management services including an annual Financial Review and quarterly investment portfolio reviews. 

Initial Financial Plan
We believe the comprehensive financial planning process is beneficial to all clients, regardless of their age or situation.  This process allows us to analyze several pieces of your financial puzzle and to develop a customized plan considering your specific situation.  By far, the most important step in the financial planning process is determining what your goals are and then building a plan around those targets. 

Most financial planning engagements include a discussion on the following questions:

Comprehensive Wealth Management
After completing an initial Financial Plan, clients have the opportunity to enter into a long term contract with Integral to provide ongoing financial advice.  Under a Comprehensive Wealth Management arrangement, clients would complete an annual Financial Review and quarterly Investment Portfolio Reviews.  Such meetings are offered in person or via teleconference at the election of the client.  In between these quarterly meeting dates, clients are encouraged to contact Integral as questions or issues arise.

This ongoing relationship is valuable in promoting the execution of recommended action steps and in adjusting our financial planning as your life evolves and goals change.  We continuously track and update your goals throughout the year.  Our experience has show that clients are much more personally satisfied if they can achieve specific financial goals, rather than just continuing to save without a clear plan.

Clients are provided with a personal web portal account to securely share and receive documents electronically.  Your personal information is not shared with other professionals without your prior approval.

Personal Income Tax Return Preparation

Jennifer Sanchez is a Registered CPA in Illinois and a Registered Tax Preparer with the IRS.  Jennifer believes that her CPA registration and income tax preparation skills enhance her abilities as a financial planner.  Integral offers Federal and state personal income tax return preparation services to its clients.  Included within this service is the computation of Federal and state tax withholdings for the subsequent year based upon your projected tax liability.  Integral also prepares Federal financial aid forms (FAFSA).